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JOBMANUSA Now Offers Swedish Knives

Posted by Charlie Griffin on 6/4/2015
JOBMANUSA Now Offers Swedish Knives
For years, we have been asked the question, "what is the button on the side of the pants for?"  We would tell about the knives that Swedish Construction workers use that are designed to clip onto that button.  Finally, someone sent in their favorite pair of pants asking if we could sew a large knife scabbard onto the pants leg so, they could enhance their pants even further.  We couldn't do that, but that's when I said, we have to get a solution for this.  The button was already there, so we set out to find a knife to clip onto them.  

We found Lindblom Knives, of Stockholm, Sweden, a company that has been making these kind of knives for 15 years.  They have designed and manufacture a very robust set of knives for construction workers.  They have put years of research into these knives, working directly with the end users to build a knife that will stay with them on the job.  It is amazing the abuse the workers put these knives through in Sweden, so Lindblom had a tough job to deliver a knife that would hold up under these circumstances.  

The Lindblom Knives are sold all over Sweden, mainly for the purpose of being used in some kind of construction activity.  Many times, they will be seen clipped right onto the button you find on our JOBMAN Workwear pants. 

We are now the North American Distributor for Lindblom.  This week, we are introducing three of their most popular knives.  The all purpose Craftsman's knife, the Top of the Line, larger Craftsman's knife, and the Hunting/Fishing Knife.  

These knives offer great value and excellent service.  They make a great addition to JOBMAN Workwear pants, as the sheath includes a clip that will fit right onto the button on the side of your workpants, and into a loop to keep the sheath from flopping around.  

We are making these available at half price as an introductory offer.  That means you can get a quality fixed blade knife for only $6.48!  Use the coupon code "sharp50" to receive a 50% discount on any or all of these knives.  I encourage you to try one of these new knives out during your work day.  You may find this to be an invaluable tool that you want to have at your side every workday.

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