World's Best Workpants

Posted by Charlie Griffin on 3/19/2014
The new 2181 ULTRA Workpants just released by JOBMAN Workwear are possibly the world's best workpants. Ultra durable, comfortable, and functional, these pants have it all. New on these pants - Kevlar in the knees. The fabric over the knees is a special blend of polyester, Kevlar, and spandex, which makes for very durable kneepads with the ability to stretch and be anti-slip. Also, in the knees are bi-level internal pockets so you can position your kneepads to fit your body style. 

 These pants also have a pocket for large smartphones, a zippered thigh pocket, and separate pockets to hide the tool pockets into when not in use. This is a great pair of pants. Read more about them here: JOBMAN Workwear NEW ULTRA Workpants with Kevlar Knees - 2181