Waterproof Workpants put to the test

Posted by Charlie Griffin on 10/9/2017

I recently had the opportunity to attend a large equipment auction.  I was looking at the various types of
 equipment for sale, especially the skidsteers and tractors.  The weather was miserable for those two days last month.  The auction happened inside, but to check out the machinery you had to go outside and endure the rain.  

I decided to try out the NEW JOBMAN Workwear Waterproof Shell Pants - 2262 that have recently become available on our website.  These pants look like regular pants, but are waterproof.  I also grabbed one of the high-vis waterproof rain jackets - 1565.  With this gear I was set for the day.  

The biggest problem with these auctions is getting your seat wet, if you try out the machine.  Many of these used machines had cracked seats, so that meant that even if you brushed off the water, when you sat down, the water in the foam of the seat was forced out, and got you even wetter.  But, not if you were wearing the 2262 pants!  The pants of course kept me dry while walking in the rain, but also when I sat down and tried out the equipment.  

My companion didn't have these pants and had a wet seat all day.  Needless to say, next time this happens, he will be wearing a  pair as well. 

The pants were great to wear.  Very comfortable.  I highly recommend them if you find yourself in a similar situation, or have a job that requires you to keep on going in inclement weather.