Vents in Pants

Posted by Charlie Griffin on 7/26/2019

 I know sometimes we wear workpants until we have vents come in them.  These "vents" allow some air to come into our legs, so, we keep wearing them, at least through the summer.  But, JOBMAN now has some stretch workpants with built-in vents behind the knees.  That part of your leg that can get sweaty.  These vents will help that area of your leg to keep dry and help cool your legs as well.  

On the 2194 Stretch Service Workpants, these vents are sewn in and made of a screen type of material, so bugs and such won't be able to get in, but air will.  These pants are made of a 4-way stretch material, that is very durable yet lightweight.  

If you your job requires a lot of bending and stretching and other active movements, you might find these pants very comfortable for your workday.  There is a large thigh pocket that has a zipper to keep things in place as well.  A scanner or small notebook can fit in that pocket, or both. 

 A very well constructed pair of pants, these pants have comfort built in to them.  For those of us who have to have a long pair of pants on their job, these pants are the best compromise yet.  This little vent can make a lot of difference to your comfort level on some of these extra hot days.  Keep moving comfortably with these Stretch Service Workpants from jobman.