Time to In "Vest"

Posted by JOBMAN USA on 4/12/2011
We just discovered we have a good stocking of the 7198 work vest in all sizes. Time to move them out! For the remainder of April, we will have them on sale for only $49.95, a ten dollar savings per vest.
This vest is great to have available on any job, but especially a job where you have to keep a lot of hardware with you, as this garment has 4 built-in reinforced holster pockets - two in front and two in back.  It also distributes this weight evenly across your body, so you aren't being pulled sideways by a lot of extra weight hanging on one side of your body.
It's made of durable, yet soft cotton, and feels good on your body.  Plus, it has pockets on the front for your cell phone, pens, pencils, even a calculator.  You'll find this vest to be your best buddy on the job.
This is a great way to get to know JOBMAN Workwear, too.  This vest will introduce you to the quality and innovative design you get in every piece of JOBMAN clothing.  Order your Deluxe Craftsman's Work Vest today!