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JOBMAN Stretch Craftsman Workpants - 2191

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reviewBest Ever
These are actually the best pants ever. Yes order a size larger than you need. I have many Jobman pants and accessories and also have had Blakladder in the past. Prefer Jobman. These stretch craftsman are truly the most comfortable work pants I have ever worn. Worth the money and I will be buying another pair. With Jobman quality you really only need two or three pairs if you keep up on laundry. Many of my Jobman pants will last a year or two if washed 3 times a week after one use.
Reviewed by: Justin D. Orwig from Bloomington. on 1/12/2019
JOBMAN Ultimate Craftsman Workpants - 2200

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The pants are GREAT! They are made of good material and there are plenty of pockets.They fit great!
Reviewed by: Wallace Dalman from portland. on 1/4/2019
These workpants are fantastic! Roomy and comfortable, not too heavy, plenty of pockets, very durable... I went by the sizing recommendations and they fit perfectly. I will definitely be ordering more!!
Reviewed by: Finish Carpenter from USA. on 1/3/2019
reviewFinish Carpenter
Very well made. Very functional. Built in kneepads are far superior to any strap on styles. Met all expectations. Super satisfied. Will never wear any other pants to the job site.
Reviewed by: Aaron Carnahan from Lakeway. on 1/2/2019
JOBMAN ULTRA Workpants w/ Kevlar Knees - 2181

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reviewMaster electrician
I really like the pants this is my second pair my first managed to survive 2 years. The only reason I didnt give this 5 stars is that the pen holder on the right side of the right knee is about 3 inches lower than on my others and the knee pad holders areabout 2 inches lower than my previous pair. The real thing i would actually like to suggest to the manufacturer is adding an extra pleat in the crotch area to promote better bending and more room. Like the ballroom pleat that Duluth trading puts in their pants.
Reviewed by: chris volpe from South Hill. on 10/12/2018
These pants fit very well and have lots of pockets for your tools. I highly recommend these pants if you worl in the construction industry. I will definitely be buying another pair or 2 soon! Thanks Jobman, just what i been looking for!!
Reviewed by: Edward from Elizabeth. on 8/26/2018
reviewGreat workpants
This is my second pair of these work pants. Being a home inspector, I get to bend over more than you think. The newer pants are a little lighter therefore they are cooler. I wore the first pair probably 7 years daily and the new pair I expect the same. I have used and enjoyed these work pants. When my new pair wear out I will be getting another pair.
Reviewed by: Damon Coberth from Roswell. on 8/18/2018
I really wish I had discovered these earlier in my career. Like 10 years ago. I just wanted something with knees that would last more than a year. I had tried two other work pants with built in kneepads, both shredded. Not only is this the toughest knee, though, but, beyond just extra pockets and a hammer loop, these have an entire tool "belt" built right in! I actually use most of the pockets, make fewer trips to the tool box, kneeling is comfortable (even with their lightest kneepads), I may have to put off retirement just so I can keep using these, they are great.
Reviewed by: Bakari Kafele from Richmond. on 10/22/2017
JOBMAN Workwear Craftsman Workpants - 2626

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The utmost in quality material, workmanship & extraordinary customer service! I have gifted (Christmas & birthdays) my son several times with these workpants - 2626 and will definitely be continuing to do so in the future. Makes no different how good a product may be, without customer service/assistance satisfaction is temporary. Again, the customer service is really outstanding and exemplary!
Reviewed by: Mike Harperfrom LA (lower Alabama).on 1/26/2017
reviewElectrical contractor
great pants, bought a second pair immediately
Reviewed by: David B taggartfrom indianapolis.on 11/8/2016
Really love these pants! The sizing was a little tricky to get right, but Jobman made shipping and exchanging super easy and convenient, it really was a non-issue. Pants seem to be built to last, very high quality material and stitching. They are surprisingly comfortable to wear as well, especially if you are used to wearing jeans/denim. Love having the knee pads built in. Highly recommend this product and company.
Reviewed by: William Ferullofrom Rhode Island.on 2/6/2016
reviewThe best designed pants currently available
As an electrician I used to wear Wrangler "Riggs" work pants. I like the fit and rip-stop material. I have to wear knee pads often which is an also an issue because they move around in tight crawl spaces and have to be constantly readjusted under normal working conditions. These JOBMAN pants have the knee pad pockets which hold the pads in place. No more slipping or adjusting. The flexibility of the many pockets are also a highlight allowing no need for a tool belt. The fit is comfortable but slightly tighter than the Wrangler which for my work is great. The material is this very cool blend that nothing seems to stick to. Great pants I now own five pair! Highly recommended!
Reviewed by: WozPowerfrom Boise, ID..on 8/6/2015
easy exchangeJobman worknote
Maintenance Repairer
I bought 2 pairs of the 2626 pants and they came with a pair of knee pads. They were a size small so I called and got a waist size bigger and 2 pairs came within a few days. They fit great, I had a friend visiting from Arizona and asked if he wanted to try them on instead of me sending them back. Being a welder, he loved the knee pads and they fit him perfect. I ended up keeping all 4 pair and ordering extra knee pads. If I had a store, I would sell these!
Reviewed by: Jimfrom Nome, Alaska.on 7/29/2015
reviewPlumbing contractor
Awesome pants. Light weight compared to jeans and the knee pads work great. Customer service is above and beyond great. Fast delivery and returns were made simple. Great company to deal with.
Reviewed by: Scott strollofrom Lakeland, Florida .on 7/20/2015
reviewworkman pants
I bought theae pants for my husband. I have to admit, they are standing up to his normal wear and tear on pants. I am really satisfied with this purchase. Thank you JOBMAN, for coming up with this ingenious idea!
Reviewed by: erika ruizfrom Liberal KS.on 4/26/2015
reviewJack of all
These pants are the best purchase I have made in a long time. I utilize them for work, house work, and play time (built in knee pads come in handy with the kids). The material is excellent for all day wear.
Reviewed by: jefffrom indiana.on 4/19/2015
reviewAwsome Paints
I have been to Europe several time and met contractor wearing similar paints. I'm glad I could finally get a pair similar to the same. The jealousy is over! The Knee Pads are a great addition also!
Reviewed by: Donfrom OHIO.on 3/23/2015
I bought these as a gift for my son for Christmas and he absolutely loves them. He has mentioned a number of times now, how much he's enjoying wearing them for work. I'll bet he will be getting another pair for his birthday as well!
Reviewed by: Carolynfrom Texas.on 1/22/2015
These are so well made and I am not sure I will ever find a use for every one of the pockets/ They run a little on the small side so you may have to exchange them but Jobman was very courteous and prompt during my exchange for the proper size. Very Satisfied with this purchase.
Reviewed by: Davidfrom Chesapeake, VA.on 1/3/2015
These pants are great! I was looking for something to protect my legs and knees while documenting run down buildings and other less than pristine shooting locations. So far these pants have worked really well,they have a lot of protection and are surprisingly comfortable to be in all day.
Reviewed by: John Nofsfrom Tucson, Arizona.on 7/17/2014
JOBMAN Welding Jacket -1091

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Very flexible working jacket, durable ,resistant to heat and splashes,perfect for cutting and welding in all position.
Reviewed by: Nedko Gospodinov from Odessa,Texas.on 2/7/2017
Just received this jacket in the mail today…ITS BEAUTIFUL!!! It's so beautiful I'm not sure i want to get it burned now! I was worried the fit would be a little off but the way it sits on my shoulders is perfect and the weight of it is about twice as light as a full leather welding jacket of the same dimension. The red stitching gives it a very subtle but defining look that i wouldn't have expected from a jacket thats made for function, i could easily wear this from the shop to a night out with friends in the city. My only problem was that it took almost 3 weeks to get to me but i have to say that the good people at jobmanusa answered all my questions and worries with very fast replies. Thank you jobmanusa! And thank you very much Callie for replying to me so fast!
Reviewed by: shan from toronto ONT Canada.on 5/7/2015
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JOBMAN Workwear Cotton Long-Sleeved Work Shirt - 5601-17

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reviewXS fits the ladies
I ordered the XS and it fits well. Sleeves are a little long but it can be rolled up. I'm normally a S-M when I'm getting fit for ladies shirts. Ease of movement and the pockets are awesome. The little pocket on the left stores my ear plugs perfectly. I normally have problems with overpriced women's work shirts that have tiny useless pockets that can't even store a pen. This shirt is my holy grail at an awesome price. I bought 2.
Reviewed by: Catherine Wong from Ketchikan Alaska. on 8/9/2016
great fit, great quality shirt with pockets I actually use. I recently ordered 2 more colors.
Reviewed by: Dood from chicago suburbs. on 8/15/2015
reviewBEST in quality !!
Top quality shirt, while I work in Florida and the weight might be a bit heavy, it is definitly a must when working in construction due to its thickness. Grabbed myself in a few screws and the shirt didn't rip. INCREDIBLE !
Reviewed by: Fernando Martinez from Marco Island, FL. on 8/14/2015
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