Review Your Workwear

Posted by Charlie Griffin on 10/26/2011
If you want to know about how a product works, ask the guy who uses it! That's what I always look at when evaluating a product. Our website is set up where its easy to review a product and I want to encourage all wearers of JOBMAN products to post a review.
Derek recently posted a review of the 2190 Long Work Shorts, and I encourage you to read it if you haven't already. This is a good look at these unique work shorts and he tells it pretty good. "They are super comfortable, have a ton of pockets and the "nail bag" pockets are genius." Thanks Derek, for the honest review!
I encourage you to look around our site for the reviews. Not too many yet, as JOBMAN Workwear is just making its way into the American work force. But, I hope our JOBMAN Workwear wearers will help us spread the word about these quality work clothes. Just find the garment you have on our website and click on review to add your own words about this JOBMAN garment.