New Ad - MAX OUT

Posted by Administrator on 7/22/2010
Our new front page ad talks about the maximum value you get when you purchase a JOBMAN Workwear garment.  We highlight 4 areas that you get maximum value with JOBMAN Workwear:
QUALITY.  JOBMAN prides itself on quality.  The fabrics used are top quality.  The workmanship is top quality.  The design of the garment is top quality.  The factories these garments are built in are top quality.  Quality can be seen throughout the organization.  When you purchase a JOBMAN product, you get a top quality product.  We back that up with our Money Back Guarantee.
COMFORT.  Just yesterday, a person who once lived in Sweden called JOBMAN USA to say he was glad to find out JOBMAN work clothing was available in the US.  He told me these clothes are so much more comfortable than US standard workwear.  He was getting friends to bring back clothing for him when they went home to Sweden, so he could continue to be comfortable on the job in the US.  JOBMAN Workwear is indeed designed for comfort of the wearer.  Some of the most rugged pants on the outside include techniques on the inside to maximize comfort of the wearer.  JOBMAN builds into its garments comfort.
FUNCTION.  JOBMAN garments are designed to do something.  Something more than clothe the wearer.  Pockets are situated throughout the garment that are designed to hold appropriate tools or hardware that you will need on your job.  Pants are reinforced in the right places, and in the case of the floor layers pants, they are reinforced more strongly than any other pants you can find for this job.  Shop our website with your profession in mind and find the clothing that is built to provide maximum function for the type of job you do.
STRENGTH.  These pants are durable and built with stronger threads than you find in the industry anywhere else.  The fabrics are chosen for strength, and are of a higher grade than most workwear on the market.  In clothing built for the most demanding of jobs, the fabric is stronger, the threads are stronger, and the reinforcements are there to provide maximum durability and strength for the wearer. 
MAX OUT your wardrobe today with JOBMAN!