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Keep Warm On The Job With JOBMAN

Posted by Charlie Griffin on 1/7/2019
It's that time of the year where we have to find a way to keep comfortable on the job no matter the weather.  For those of you facing the bitter cold every day, here are some features on JOBMAN products that can help keep you 1347warm and comfortable, no matter how cold it gets.  

Look for products with our STAR fabric.  This fabric is strong in all directions, meaning it will prevent tears from stretching actions that will open a path for cold.  It is ultra durable and a tight weave that is the first level of defense from the cold.  Combined with insulating material underneath it, you will be kept warm in cold and windy weather.

Storm flaps - notice that most of our extreme weather jackets have covers for zippers that will prevent the cold from coming through zipper openings.  Once you zip up, you won't having cold areas creeping in through zippers.

Adjustable sleeves and waists.  Many of our jackets have a flap to provide the ability to tighten the sleeves so they are tight around your wrists, so the cold air won't be able to come in up your sleeves.  Just tighten this strap and you can keep the cold out.  Also, many of the jackets have an adjustable waist.  Tighten your waist to keep cold from coming up the back or front.  Many of the winter pants have adjustable hems as well that can help keep the cold from traveling up your legs.

Adjsutable hood - I was out the other day in the cold in a non-jobman jacket that I happened to pickup and when I put the hood over me, it kept dipping below the level of my eyes.and getting in the way.  You won't have that problem with JOBMAN.  You can also control the size of the opening with a draw string around your face so you can keep the cold in and your visibility good - and, most importantly, your head warm.

Advanced insulating materials.  You will see Pile, Fleece, or quilt in certain areas of JOBMAN winter products.  These advanced insulating fabrics are lightweight and comfortable and are positioned in the garment for maximum efficiency of keeping you warm.  Here is a description of each of these:

Quilt is a layered material with polyester filling stitched between two layers of thin, smooth fabric. It is lightweight also, even when it is very thick. Quilted linings are common in workwear for outdoor use in cold weather. Quilted workwear is popular since it does not restrict your comfort; the silky, smooth surface allowing layers of clothing underneath to move.

Pile is a furry lining material suitable for winter wear. Polyester pile does not absorb moisture and will dry quickly. It also holds a lot of air and will keep you warm.

Polyester fleece is a very popular fabric, you find it in sweaters, in linings and trimmings. It stretches and feels soft. Its fluffy texture keeps you warm by trapping air between its fibers. Fleece is ideal when the weather gets a little chilly and it is a good lining for wind proof clothes.

Quality design and construction - you can know that each JOBMAN Workwear Cold Weather Workwear is designed for maximum comfort and functionality of the wearer.  JOBMAN selects the best material for its garments as well, which means your JOBMAN Cold Weather Gear will be warm, comfortable, functional, and durable.  

When you have to head out into the extreme weather on your job, you can go out with the confidence your workwear will keep you warm and comfortable with JOBMAN. 

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