JOBMAN Spring Savings

Posted by Charlie Griffin on 5/11/2012
From now till June 30, JOBMAN is having a Spring Savings Sale! When you purchase a pair of JOBMAN Flooring pants, you will receive a FREE pair of medium duty kneepads and a JOBMAN Belt. It's automatically added to your shopping cart! Just select either the 2359 flooring pants or the 2361 Flooring Long Shorts and receive FREE pads and belt. 

Also on sale are the new JOBMAN Craftsman Work Pants - 2626, the popular 2622 lightweight Work Pants, and the NEW JOBMAN Bermuda Work Shorts. Amazing savings on some really amazing work pants! Only available from JOBMAN! 

And, we are including a HI-VIS Package in this sale - the 2208 Hi-Vis Shorts and the NEW 5584 ultra comfortable Hi-Vis T-Shirt are now ON SALE.