Flame Retardant

JOBMAN Workwear Flame Retardant Workwear is made of 100% Cotton material that has been treated with PYROVATEX®.

PYROVATEX® was introduced in the 1960s as a durable flame retardant product for cellulosic fibers. Continuous improvements have reflected changes in market requirements and environmental issues. From its introduction until today, however one thing has remained constant, PYROVATEX® offers the maximum combination of overall flame and heat protection and unsurpassed comfort in treated garments.

It is no coincidence that cotton is the most widely used fiber in the world. Its inherent softness is enhanced by its ability to keep the wearer cool in hot climates, and warm in cold climates. Additionally, it offers a breathability that is far superior to that of synthetic fibres. PYROVATEX® treatment is not detrimental to the comfort of cotton. Some flame retardant finishes work by forming films, or complexes, on the surface of the garment, resulting in a stiffer handle. Fabrics treated with PYROVATEX® maintain their original softness. Additional benefits: resistance to static build-up.

  • treated fabrics offer the best overall flame protection available for cotton, as proved by comprehensive testing in line with international flame retardant standards.
  • treated fabrics barely shrink when exposed to heat and flames, thereby ensuring that the skin is not exposed to hazardous conditions.
  • treated cotton, unlike synthetics, will not melt in the presence of heat and flames. Melted cloth presents a risk to the wearer.
  • treated fabrics afford excellent thermal protection when heat is an added danger.

Note: Waist sizes tend to run small.
Please order a waist size larger than you normally wear.

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