Fire Retardant Videos

Posted by Charlie Griffin on 1/30/2017
We heard through JOBMAN Sweden that our JOBMAN friends in Germany had made some excellent videos about JOBMAN Workwear Flame Retardant workwear. We checked them out and they did a great job showing that our workwear is indeed, flame retardant! They did three tests and filmed while they did them - one with a torch, one with a grinder, and one with a welder. In the video with the torch, they pointed a torch at the jobman welding pants and jacket (while wearing them) with an old pair of overalls along side. The overalls burst into flames and the welding pants did not! Then they did a similar test with a grinder and another piece of cloth. They had to grind a lot, but they finally got the cloth to ignite from the grinding sparks. Then they put a rag next to their arm while they did some welding on some angle iron. Eventually, the rag burst into flames from the welding. The JOBMAN welding clothes were fine, though no word on the temperature of the welder's skin inside...but, he wasn't complaining. (At least if he did, he did it in German, so we wouldn't know.)

JOBMAN Germany graciously allowed us to use this footage and we remixed it into a demonstration video and put it on our youtube channel and incorporated it into our online site. You can see it when you go to the flame retardant category. If you like watching sparks and flames - this one is action packed! We have it embedded below: