FREE Kneepads with Order

Posted by Charlie on 5/22/2018
This month you can get FREE Kneepads with any order that contains JOBMAN Workwear workpants with kneepad pockets.  These workpants have pockets that are built-in to provide a place to slide in Knee Protectors.  Pants with kneepad pockets also have extra built-in protection just from the pocket assembly, and the front of the knees have a very durable material covering the knees that also provides protection.  These knees last years - even after tough usage.  So, you get some protection with just having the kneepad pockets there.  But, to really give you protection, put in kneepads.  You will get bolder with your work habits when you have these kneepads in.  No longer avoiding situations where your best approach to the task is on your knees.  You will see the benefits immediately.  And if the possibility exist where you can hit your knee occasionally when moving around, you will really appreciate these kneepads.

So, take advantage of this months special deal - buy some JOBMAN workpants that have a place for the kneepads, and get a FREE pair of kneepads to get you started with maximum protection for your knees.