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Choosing Kneepads

Which Kneepad should I choose?

JOBMAN Workwear is a world leader in Knee Protector design. We have a range of protection available to your knees depending on how many hours per day you find yourself on your knees in your job. Knee pads are an important part of your work gear. Having them insertable into your pants makes it easy for you to keep up with during the day. Just insert them one time and you are good for the whole day. We now have 4 options for you in kneepads, starting with the first level, a basic, light weight Practical kneepad suitable for work with little kneeling.  On up to our insertable knee protectors for the professional, such as a floor layer specialist that spends the majority of their day on their knees.

Please note that kneepads in your knee pad pockets, will feel awkward at first and may even irritate your knees somewhat until you get used to them being there. After several days, you will begin to feel awkward when you find yourself without them in place. Give yourself a few days to get used to using your kneepads.  Also, note that the higher you go in knee protection, the more it will take to get used to them, as the higher protection kneepads are denser and less soft, as they have to protect your knees longer. Soft kneepads feel nice initially, but as you go through the day, the softer the kneepad the more it will condense, giving you less protection.  The denser kneepads will give you much better protection all day long.

These kneepads will fit in brands other than JOBMAN Workwear. So, no matter what brand of workwear you choose to wear, you can still order and fit these knee protectors in your pants. Note that these are a tight fit in the JOBMAN Workwear kneepad pockets - that is a good thing as you don't want them moving around on you.  If they feel tight in the pockets going in; just cup them to get them in.  Get them in and tucked into the correct level pocket (most pants offer 2 levels for the kneepads) and they will stay in place all day long. We also have a video available to show how these are fitted into JOBMAN Workwear workpants.

9941 - Practical Kneepads - Green
A basic, light weight kneepad suitable for work with little kneeling.

                                                                                                                                                               9943 - Functional Kneepads - Orange                                                                                                               Lightweight kneepads for workers on the move who occasionally need to use kneepads.  Pre-bent for improved   fit and comfort.  EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) for best shock absorption.  Harder exterior for increased durability   and lifetime.

                                                                                                                                                                       9944 - Technical Kneepads - Grey                                                                                                                     Kneepads for frequent users who do work kneeling down but not all day.  Pre-bent for improved fit and comfort.   EVA (Ethylene vinyl Acetate) for best shock absorption.  Tougher exterior for increased durability and lifetime.

                                                                                                                                                                 9945 - Advanced Kneepads - White                                                                                                         Kneepads designed to handle several hours' work kneeling down.  For users who require kneepads with long   durability and lifetime, with minimal compression.  Pre-bent for improved fit and comfort.  EVA (Ethylene vinyl   Acetate) for best shock absorption.  Tougher exterior for increased durability and lifetime.