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Designed and Manufactured by Established International Company
JOBMAN Workwear was established in Sweden in 1975 and has a long pedigree in outstanding garment manufacture. For many years JOBMAN designed and produced for other companies such as the Swedish Forestry Commission, Jonsered, Husqvarna and SAAB, as well as other respected and well-known brands.

Today, JOBMAN continues to make specialty protective clothing and is renowned as one of the leading producers of high quality functional workwear. Part of the New Wave Group, the company enjoys enormous support in research, development and manufacturing of new and innovative, high-quality functional garments.

40 YearsIn 2015 JOBMAN Workwear celebrated 40 years in the workwear business! One of the ways JOBMAN Workwear celebrated this 40 year anniversary was by developing some exciting new products.

Functional, Modern, Best-Value Workwear
Everything done by JOBMAN has a single purpose - to provide you with the most functional, modern and best-value workwear available. Over the last 40 years our garments have been developed based on direction from the most important people - our wearers. Jobman garment technologists and designers over the years have used this enormous brand loyalty and vocal support from wearers to create fabrics and garments that really are exceptional.

World's Best Quality Workwear
Quality is something talked about by all companies, but JOBMAN publishes their returns rate (0.02%!) as a testament to the robustness of their clothing. JOBMAN Workwear garments are made from only the finest fabrics and accessories available and are sewn together using the strongest thread and seam techniques. Fabrics are guaranteed against shrinkage and are colourfast. The best possible accessories are selected to optimize the life expectancy of JOBMAN Workwear; metal jeans buttons for closures and highest quality long lasting zippers.

Now Available in the USA
JobWear Solutions, Inc. was established in 2009 to market JOBMAN Workwear in the United States. The founders of JobWear Solutions, Inc. had noticed that work clothing of this quality was not readily available in the U.S. and sought out JOBMAN Workwear to provide a solid solution for American workers. Now, any of this proven international workwear provider's award winning line is available through quick and easy online ordering.

A lot to Know
There is more to this clothing than meets the eye. What you see at first glance is a very nice, professional article of clothing. But when you start to wear this clothing, you realize how nice it is to feel this fabric against your skin, how much more professional you feel, and you soon realize why pockets are where they are. Every inch of this clothing is functional, and this takes hours of wearing to realize all of the benefits. Warning: once you wear this quality clothing -you will want nothing else on during your work day.

Take some time to read about the types of fabrics available, and make a selection based on the best type of material for your type of work environment.

You can reach us at:
Jobwear Solutions, Inc.
187 County Rd 89
Ethelsville, AL 35461

JOBMAN Workwear is a leading international designer and manufacturer of top quality workwear. Here you can find an exceptional variety of award winning designs for a wide range of work environments. JOBMAN has been providing solid solutions to workers in Europe for years, meeting strict EU standards and exceeding the expectations of workers the world over. JOBMAN workpants, safety clothing, protection garments, pants, canvas jeans, and construction overalls, are known for their durability, functionality, and wearing comfort.

When you put on a new garment from Jobman, we want you to be confident of excellent quality and functionality. That is why all our products undergo years of testing in the best test laboratory available - the real world. Having our gear tested in the real world shows us what works and what is not so successful. We test our materials in a laboratory environment, but functionality can only be tested in the real world. Shop here for the best workwear clothing in the world!

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