2 NEW ADVANCED Knee Pads Added

Posted by Charlie Griffin on 4/12/2016
2 NEW ADVANCED Knee Pads Added
JOBMAN Workwear Introduces 2 NEW Advanced Knee Protectors

Put some SPRING in your step with new ADVANCED Knee Protectors from JOBMAN!  - This "spring", we are adding 2 new JOBMAN Workwear Knee Protector products - both in the ADVANCED category.  

We have just released our new 9945 ADVANCED Knee Protector, which is a white colored heavy duty kneepad insert that will keep you comfortable if you work on your knees more than half a day.  These new kneepads have bumps on the side next to the knees and will allow air to circulate and keep your knees more comfortable than our other kneepads.  Made of tough EVA, they are washable and lightweight.  They fit into the JOBMAN Workwear knee pockets that are featured on many of JOBMAN's heavy duty workpants such as the 2181 ULTRA Workpants and the 2359 Flooring Installer Workpants.  The kneepads will protect you by distributing force and resisting penetration from small objects when kneeling.  When on your knees for long periods, the knobs on these kneepads will let air get to your knees and keep them more comfortable.

If you are constantly on your knees with your job and want the absolute best protection for your knees and back, then look at the NEW ADVANCED REDBACKS® 9947 Knee Pads by JOBMAN Workwear.  These kneepads are a collaboration between REDBACKS® Cushioning and JOBMAN Workwear.  This award winning knee protection technology has been on the market since 2012 in the UK, but now, JOBMAN has added the REDBACKS® Cushioning technology to provide the maximum protection possible for workers who need to protect their knees.  These are the best knee pads available anywhere.    

These new 9947 knee pads feature "leaf-spring" technology - hence our headline of putting some "spring" into your step.  They will enable you to have some spring in your step, as they will help keep your back and knees in shape if you work on a job where you have to kneel constantly during the course of your workday.  They feel great in use.  These kneepads have 100% shape memory, which means they will always spring back into shape, no matter how compressed they may get.  They will support up to 990 lbs per knee pad without failure.

The 9945 is a lighter weight heavy duty knee pad, so if you are doing much walking during your workday, these may be a better fit for you and still provide you maximum protection for your knees.  The 9947 is heavier, but if you are looking for the best knee protection available for your knees, this is it.  

Learn more about both of these kneepads at jobmanusa.com.