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JOBMAN Workwear Craftsman Workpants-2432
Dark Grey

JOBMAN Workwear Craftsman Workpants-2432

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JOBMAN Workwear Craftsman Workerpants
Part Number: 2432
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Service trousers with holster pockets in durable and easy-care polyester/cotton. Comfortable, easy-wear stretch-function fabric. Spacious holster pockets with extra compartments and reinforced inside. Pre-bent knees with knee pockets where kneepads can be positioned at two heights. Can be washed at 85°C. Slanted front pockets and back pockets. Reinforced ruler pocket, unattached at bottom, with knife button. Leg pocket with phone compartment. 
Certified according to EN 14404: 2004 + A1: 2010 Type 2 
Material: 65% polyester / 35% cotton
Weight: 250g/m2

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