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JOBMAN REDBACKS® Advanced Knee Pads - 9947 Red

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REDBACKS® Advanced Knee Pad insert for JOBMAN Workwear.
Part Number: 9947
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Time to SPRING into action and get the most effective overall comfort and protection that is available for your knees!

These award winning ADVANCED Knee Pads feature patented, leaf-spring technology that evenly dissipates the user's weight, bringing unrivaled relief from the pain and discomfort associated with kneeling. Redbacks® knee pads are patented worldwide and are CE approved for use in pocketed workwear workpants such as JOBMAN Workwear workpants that have knee pad pockets. JOBMAN Workwear has teamed with a proven performer to further our Knee Pad Line.

Redbacks Cushioning is a UK company that specializes in helping people to work safer, more comfortably and for longer, whatever their working or leisure environment. Their mission is to continue to develop class-leading products that promote good health, comfort and well-being by reducing pressure on the human anatomy.

JOBMAN Workwear has added this award winning Knee Pad to our line to provide the Best Protection available anywhere in the world for your knees. If you are on your knees all day, there is no other kneepad available that will protect you better than these 9947 knee pads. This unique cushioning technology feature a soft and flexible TPE (Thermo Plastic Elastomer) leaf-spring set within a unique honeycomb matrix. This unique Redbacks® Cushioning Technology distributes body weight evenly, elevating the knees to relieve back pain and reduce pressure on knee, leg, ankle and foot joints, while minimising the risk of possible injury from sharp or penetrating objects.

They are non-absorbent to moisture, breathable and allow for the free movement of air and water. These knee pads help workers go about their duties with true confidence, allowing the knees to be comfortably suspended above hard, rough or uneven surfaces and protected against injury from sharp objects.

These knee pads can be washed or dry cleaned in the pants or removed and washed.

100% Shape Memory - they will return to their original shape no matter how much you twist them or try to change their shape. They support up to 990 lbs per kneepad without kneepad failure.

Certified to:CE-EN 14404: 2004 + A1: 2010, Type 2, 

Dimensions: 8" Tall X 7" Wide

Material: 100% TPE, Thermo Plastic Elastomer

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