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JOBMAN Craftsman Workpants - 2626

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JOBMAN Workwear Craftsman Workpants - 2626
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JOBMAN 2626 Craftsman trousers for the hard working outdoor craftsman. These comfortable work pants are water and stain resistant. These pants feature reinforcedholster pocketswith extra compartmentsthat can betucked away in pockets.
Your cell phone has a home with these pants as they have a phone pocketon the hip. There is also a loop for your hammer. The back pocket is open, perfect for that speed square. Also has a pocket for that folding rule and aknife button/bin.Leg pocket with flap and extra compartments, including a phone compartment andID card holder.Articulated kneeswith reinforcedkneepad pockets.
Material:52% cotton/48% nylon,230g/m2
.Dirt and waterrepellent.
Reinforcements in100% polyamide.

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