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JOBMAN Advanced Knee Protectors - 9945 White

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Advanced knee protector insert for JOBMAN Workwear.
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This ADVANCED Knee Protector by JOBMAN Workwear is the latest in the kneepad innovation that JOBMAN is known for worldwide.  The 9945 kneepad insert protects you when inserted into JOBMAN Workwear kneepad pockets on JOBMAN workpants such as the ULTRA workpants  with kevlar knees or the Flooring Installer workpants.  This is the strongest and longest lasting kneepads JOBMAN Workwear has ever made!  This product is all JOBMAN, having been developed by the JOBMAN Workwear Product Development Team and manufactured in Sweden to exacting standards.  

The kneepads will protect you by distributing the force when kneeling on hard flat surfaces and resist penetration when from small objects that might be on it.  When on your knees for long periods, the knobs on these kneepads will allow air to get to your knees and keep them more comfortable.

These kneepads are designed for professionals that spend more than half their day working on their knees.  If you are using these casually, we don't recommend them.  But, if you spend a lot of time on your knees at work, then this kneepad may be what you've been looking for.  The bumps may seem odd at first, but after spending time working in them, you begin to appreciate the design more and more.  

Certified to:CE-EN 14404: 2004 + A1: 2010, Type 2,

Dimensions:  10" Tall X  6.5" Wide

Material: 100% EVA/Rubber+PE, Ethylene Vinyl Acetate

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