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JOBMAN HandyMan Cotton Craftsman Workpants- 2312
Dark Grey/Black

JOBMAN HandyMan Cotton Craftsman Workpants- 2312

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Everyday Craftsman pants
Part Number: 2312
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New Craftsman Workpants with a price even the Average Joe can afford!!

holster pocket

These new workpants are designed to provide long lasting comfort and maximum functionality at an economical price.  The built-in holster pockets are reinforced to prevent punctures by sharp hardware and can be tucked into the regular pockets when not in use.

thigh pockets

 The right side has a ruler pocket, plus a knife button for hanging a knife scabbard such as the Swedish Stainless Steel Craftman's Knife.  There is also an outer pocket on the rule pocket that you can slide a retractable razor knife into and a smaller outer pocket for pencils, pens, sharpies or small tools.  

A video tour of these pants is available below.

On the left side, the holster pocket has an outer zipper pocket for keeping those important small hardware items or important small tools you need to be sure doesn't get away from you during your active day.  The left thigh pocket cluster features a phone pocket for your smartphone with a velcro flap that will keep your phone from falling out as you work, keeping it within easy reach should you get an important phone call.  Next to it, there are several smaller outerpockets that are very handy for sharpies or pens or small tools.  These sit on the outside of a large cargo type pocket with a velcro closure to keep your pocket items secure.

The kneepad pockets are accessible from inside the pants, so if you add knee protection, do it before putting on the pants.  You can position the kneepads at either of two levels, utilizing the two internal pocket flaps that the optional kneepads fit into.

The back pockets are spacious and also have a flap with velcro closure.  The legs have have extra fabric in the hem, so the leg length can be extended almost 2 inches if extra length is needed for sizes C42-64.

Material: 100% cotton, reinforcement 100% polyamide

Material Weight: 340g/m2


2312 - Video Tour

2312 - Left Side Tour

2312 - Right Side Tour

2312 - Back Tour

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